King Prawn Butterfly – Prawn delicately fried in ghee, served with a fresh salad £3.95
Noodles – Noodles cooked with egg and potatoes £3.45
Sheekh Kebab – Minced lamb mixed with onions, herbs and spices then roasted on skewers £3.55
Tandoori Chicken – Spring chicken marinated in fresh herbs and grilled on charcoal £3.45
Chicken Tikka – Boneless pieces roasted on skewers £3.45
Lamb Tikka – Tender diced lamb marinated with oriental spices £3.45
Mixed Starter – Onion Bhaji, sheekh and shamee kebab £3.95
Lamb Hasina – Tender Lamb marinated in a tandoori sauce with green pepper, onion and tomatoes £3.55
Rashime Kebab – Minced lamb flattened into a burger shape and fried with an egg £3.45
King Prawn Sizzler – King prawn cooked over a charcoal fire with onion, green pepper and corriander £4.25

Prawn and Puree – Well spiced prawn with deep fried leavened bread £3.55
King Prawn Patia and Puree – Sweet and sour £4.55
Onion Bhaji – Deep fried onion balls £2.40
Chicken Chat – Sweet and sour with chaat massala £3.45
Soup – Dall & Mulligatawny £2.95
Vegetable Samosa – Pastry filled with vegetables £2.75
Meat Samosa – Pastry filled with meat and peas £2.75
Plain or Spiced Popadams EACH £0.75
Pickles – Mango Chutney, Lime Pickle, Mint Sauce and Onion salad EACH £0.70

Mixed vegetable curry – in a medium gravy £3.25
Aloo Gobi Massala – Curried potatoes and cauliflower £3.25
Alloo Bengal – Potatoes and aubergine £3.25
Kumb Motter – Mushrooms and peas £3.25
Sag Aloo – Spinach and potatoes £3.25
Mushroom Bhaji – £3.25
Bombay Aloo – Potatoes in hot spices £3.25
Tarka Dall or Massala Dall – Lentils cooked in garlic and onions.
Vegetable Bhaji (individually cooked) £3.25
Choose from: bindi (okra), brinjal (aubergine), cauliflower, sag (spinach), chana, asparagus, broccoli, motter panir (peas and indian cheese).

Plain Rice £2.15
Mushroom or Peas Pilau £2.75
Basmati Pilau Rice £2.25
Parata £2.25
Special Pilau Rice £2.75
Chapati £1.50
Egg Rice £2.75
Stuffed Parata £2.35
Nawbi Rice £2.95
Green salad £1.50
Lemon Rice £2.75
Cucumber or Mixed Raitha £1.50 Naan £2.15
Garlic Naan £2.45
Keema Naan (with minced meat) £2.45 Cheese Naan £2.45
Pashwari Naan (with almonds & cashew nuts) £2.45
Stuffed Kulcha (with potatoes and peas) £2.35

Medium, lightly spiced
Chicken or Lamb £5.75
Prawn £5.95
King Prawn £8.05
Vegetable £5.25
For mushrooms, please add £0.50

Very hot curry dishes with potatoes
Chicken or Lamb £5.75
Prawn £5.95
King Prawn £8.95
Vegetable £5.25

Medium with spiced onion
Chicken or Lamb £5.75
Vegetable £5.25
Chicken Tikka £7.25

Cooked in a mild gravy with almonds and cream
Chicken or Lamb £5.75
Prawn £5.95
King Prawn £9.95
Vegetable £5.25

Fairly mild with pineapple and fresh cream
Chicken or Lamb £5.75
Vegetable £5.25

Medium with fenugreek leaves. Bitter and strongly scented
Chicken £5.95
Lamb £5.95

Hot, sweet and sour
Chicken or Lamb £5.95
Prawn £5.95
King Prawn £9.95
Vegetable £5.25

Hot curry dishes
Chicken or Lamb £5.75
Prawn £5.95
King Prawn £8.55
Vegetable £5.25

Medium well spiced in a thick sauce
Chicken or Lamb £5.75
Prawn £5.95
King Prawn £9.95
Vegetable £5.25
Chicken Tikka £7.55

Medium hot with spinach
Chicken or Lamb £5.95
Prawn £5.95
King Prawn £9.95
Vegetable £5.25

Fairly mild with bananas
Chicken or Lamb £5.75
Prawn £5.95
Vegetable £5.35

Cooked in butter with tomatoes, green pepper, garlic and ginger
Chicken or Lamb £5.95
Chicken Tikka £7.25
Vegetable £5.25

Chicken or Lamb Chilli Massala £5.95
Vegetable Chilli Massala £5.45
Chicken Tikka Chilli £7.25

Hot, sweet and sour
Chicken or Lamb £5.95
Chicken or Lamb Tikka £7.25
Prawn £5.95
King Prawn £9.95
Vegetable £5.25

These dishes ae cooked in light ginger and garlic with chopped tomatoes, pepper and onion rings in medium spices. Served with Naan and Pilau rice.
Chicken or Lamb £10.60
Prawn £10.60
King Prawn £12.60
Vegetable £7.60

Cooked in a special Indian pot
Chicken £7.45
Lamb £7.45
Chicken Tikka Methi £8.45
King Prawn £11.95

Marinated spring chicken or lamb with green pepper and onion barbequed on charcoal
Chicken or Lamb £7.45

Chicken Tikka Massala – Boneless chicken cooked in a special Massala sauce £7.45
Lamb Tikka Massala – Tender lamb cooked in a special sauce £7.45
Tandoori King Prawn Massala – King prawn cooked in a special Tandoori sauce with spices £11.75

Vegetable Thali (One person) – Bindi bhaji, vegetable curry, dall, raita, pilau rice and naan £10.50
Oriental Thali (One person) – Chicken Tikka, seekh kebab, chicken bhuna, meat curry, pilau rice and naan £11.50

Tandoori King Prawn Jhinga – Roasted king prawn minced meat, cucumber, tomatoes and onions topped with cream £11.95
Special Mixed Massala – Tandoori chicken, lamb and chicken tikka, king prawns cooked in a special sauce, served with rice and naan £12.60
Chicken or Lamb Peshwari – with rice and naan. Cooked in a mild rich sauce with onions, capsicum and tomatoes £12.60
Shahi Mugal Chicken – Mild with ginger, almonds and a creamy sauce £7.25
Lamb or Chicken Passanda – Cooked with mild spices and cream £7.35
Butter Chicken – Spring chicken fried in butter & cooked in a creamy sauce £7.45
Lamb or Chicken Lucknowi – Diced pieces of chicken marinated in a special sauce and grilled over
a charcoal fire. Served with a Malayan sauce with cucumber and spanish onions £7.95
Prawn Langwaki – Prawns marinated in a delicately spiced sauce, deep fried in butter with fresh beans £7.25
Garlic Chicken – Spring chicken cooked over a charcoal fire with garlic, onion and green pepper - medium spiced £7.45
Keema Peas – Minced meat cooked in a medium spice with peas £7.45
Chicken Rezzala – Delicately spiced with garlic and ginger. Medium hot. Chefs Special £7.45
Macney Chicken – Chicken breast with spicy minced meat cooked in a special sauce £8.95
Chicken Kofta Massala – Minced chicken with spices and herbs, fried and cooked in a medium sauce £7.45
Prawn Bangla – Prawn stir fried in medium spices, served with rice and vegetables £8.40

Jeera Chicken – Medium with Chefs special recipe £8.45
Lemon Chicken or Meat – Cooked with mild sour sauce £8.45
Special Chicken – Fairly dry with boiled egg, peas and mushrooms £7.95
Murgh Massala – Medium/mild with Chefs special recipe, with boiled egg & salad £8.25
Chicken Kaleda – Barbequed chicken with green pepper, onion and tomatoes in a rich medium sauce £8.25

Vegetable Kofta Curry £5.25
Special Vegetable Niramisha £5.25
Mixed Vegetable Massala £5.25

Grilled in the Tandoori oven in hot spices with fried onions and green chillies.
Chicken £7.45
Chicken Tikka £8.45
Lamb £7.45
King Prawn £10.45
Vegetable £5.45

Minimum of 24 hours notice required. Marinated in Chefs special recipe. Roasted and served with an exotic sauce, special fried rice and naan
Kurzi Lamb (For 2 people) £31.50
Kurzi Chicken (For 2 people) £18.50
Sizzling Tandoori Dishes – Tender young chicken marinated in spices and yoghurt, cooked over charcoal.
Tandoori Chicken (Half) £6.45 (Whole) £10.70
Chicken Tikka – Boneless chicken pieces roasted on skewers £6.95
Lamb Tikka – Tender diced lamb marinated with oriental spices £6.95
Sheekh Kebab – Minced lamb with oonion, herbs and spices £6.95
Tandoori Mixed Grill – Tandoori chicken, Lamb Tikka, Chicken Tikka, Seekh kebab and naan £10.55
Tandoori King Prawn – King prawn grilled over charcoal £12.55

Very aromatic, mild dishes. Rice blended with meat, fish or vegetables. Served with a vegetable curry.
Chicken Biryani £7.60
Chicken Tikka £8.05
Lamb £7.60
Shahi Lamb or Chicken £8.60
Prawn Biryani £7.85
King Prawn Biryani £10.40
Vegetable Biryani £6.85
Special Mixed Biryani £10.25

Special 3 Course Dining Lunch Set Menu – Monday –Sunday 12.00 –2.30pm
Mixed Starters
main course
(except king prawn )
Rice or Bread
FOR ONLY £7.95

For 2 people;
– 2 Popadams and pickles
Starter – Onion Bhaji and Meat Samosa
Main Course – Chicken Macney, Lamb or Chicken Lucknow, Aloo Gobi (potatoes and cauliflower)
or Sag Aloo (spinach and potatoes), plain rice and naan
FOR ONLY £29.00

Vegetarian for 2 people;
– 4 Popadams and pickles
Starter – 2 Onion Bhajis, 1 Tarka Dall and 1 Chapati
Main Course – Vegetable Rogan, Vegetable Sag with Aloo Gobi, special pilau rice and naan
FOR ONLY 24.00

Also available for outside catering
The Management reserves the right to refuse service without explanation
Fully Licensed